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New 4/15/2020: Zoom Integration

Due to the overwhelming demand for remote learning tools during the COVID pandemic, we are introducing a ClassBug/Zoom integration. It has never been easier to provide & manage online video classes than by connecting Zoom to your ClassBug account. Click here for more information!

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6/21/19: ClassBug's switch to Pace Payments is complete! Here's what you need to know:

If you're a ClassBug customer who processed payments with us anytime before June 2019, you used our former integration partner, Stripe. Now that we've switched over to Pace Payments there are a few nuances to be aware of.
Of course most everything you've grown accustomed to is still the same: credit card & e-check processing is still easy via POS and your online web store. Payment info is still encrypted and stored securely so you can charge any customer's card on file. Merchant fees on these transactions has not changed. AutoPay transactions are still fully automated and get processed as they always would, and the system still contacts delinquent payers via email with instructions on how to update thir card info.
The key differences are as follows:

  • Void functionality: With Pace, you are able to now VOID a transaction. This just means that you can actually "refund" a transaction same day before it gets processed behind the scenes. Voided transactions are advantageous because you receive the merchant fee back from the original purchase, vs Stripe refunds which would not return the original fee by default. You are typically allowed to Void any transaction made same day up until midnight PST.
  • Aggregate merchant fees: One key difference between Stripe and Pace is in how they collect your merchant fees. Stripe would actually take the merchant fee from every transaction, then transfer the remaining amount (net) to your bank account. Pace does this differently — they align more with industry standard of transferring you the full amount (gross) of your transaction volume, then once a month debiting your bank account for a lump sum of merchant fees. All in all, everything comes out the same, it’s just a different process of reconciling things.
  • E-check flexibility: Stripe partnered with a company called Plaid, which allowed shoppers to connect their bank account to ClassBug by using their online banking login. It was impressive technology, but the problem was they didn't serve 100% of US banks so some folks trying to pay with e-check were left out. Now with Pace, your customers can type in their bank account and routing numbers to make e-check payments. 100% of US banks are supported. The bank info is encrypted and securely stored so the user will only need to type it in once.

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