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Shamrock Beginner II ☘️ (2024-25)

Wednesday, 09/11/2024 | 05:45PM-06:45PM

District Instructor DIDA Tenleytown
Shamrock Beginner II builds on Shamrock I and is open to dancers with 1+ year experience, age 7 & up, who are ready to learn exciting steps and choreography. Each class continues to emphasize the fundamentals (focus on the FUN!) of Irish dance, using games and skill-building activities while adhering to our three tenets of technique, teamwork, and tradition. Dancers will also learn hard shoe foundations in the traditional (fast speed) heavy jig and hornpipe. All dancers will have the opportunity to perform in the Spring Showcase, and are also eligible to participate in the Class Feis. Prerequisite: Shamrock Beginner I Level, 1+ year experience Shoes Required: Soft Shoes (Students should order hard shoes to have them by January) Material Covered: All Shamrock I steps + Basic Slip Jig, Hard Shoe Basics Competitive Level: Competing at Beginner Level (optional)

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Beginner / Advanced Beginner Wed 5:45 PM until 6:45 PM
37 classes, 09/11/2024 - 06/25/2025