About ClassBug

ClassBug was built with a mission: We're here to make your life easier.

It was our goal from the outset to provide the easiest, most user-friendly solution to class management. We know how the day to day grind of managing a class venue can bog you down with paperwork and admin tasks. These are the things which distract us from our passions!

ClassBug was founded by the husband of a studio owner. He wanted to take the mystery out of management software and even make it easy to sell classes online. By keeping our mission in mind, we've succeeded in creating a product that can be used immediately by anyone. You don't have to be a computer whiz to use ClassBug, yet our software is powerful enough to impress even those programmers among us.

Thank you for visiting us. We'd love to hear your feedback at info@classbug.com.

The ClassBug Team

Matt Conway - Founder

Lucky for Matt, tech circles and jazz culture in Chicago share many traits: creative vibes, a healthy disregard for regular salary, strange hours, and even stranger people. A musician by trade, Matt spent over a decade performing and teaching jazz in Chicago. You may have seen him on the piano at The Green Mill or Andy’s.

More recently, he fell back on his techie roots and jumped head-first into the world of web coding. Matt founded ClassBug after catching the startup bug with Aisle50, a Y-combinator company (truth be told, it was probably the Anchor Steam and Beef Stroganoff in Mountain View that did him in).

Skiing fans might be interested in another project Matt helped spearhead: Zrankings, the most comprehensive, data-driven ski resort rankings in the world, and the engine that powers the annual Forbes top 10 list.

Jeff Johnson - Development Lead

Jeff is a celebrity in tech circles, having founded and principally coded the groundbreaking web app freedogscore.com. He is one of three young men who conceived the coveted PAWS algorithm, initially sketched out on a dorm room window (so we’re told). ClassBug is lucky to have someone with such pedigree.

Other cool projects via Jeff include work on Disease Transition Modeling at IIT, Microsoft SCOM Training at Intel, and Hotkey Integration at kCura.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys triathlons, sound engineering and sizing up dogs in public. If he orders the bratwurst at Haymarket again they’re going to name it after him.

Josh Eads - Marketing/Venue Relations

A salesforce.com whiz (he’s certified folks, don’t hate!), Josh knows his way around a CRM. Though a native Chicagoan, Josh recently packed his bags for Portland, OR, and is officially the lead contact for the ClassBug Northwest Region. Anywhere from San Fran to Vancouver, Josh is your guy.
Outside of CB, Josh has recently done cutting edge CRM implementations for cool companies in healthcare and entertainment.

When he’s not ClassBuggin’, Josh can be seen biking the great outdoors. He claims he’ll only come back to the CB Chicago office if we don’t build desks that day.