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Heels Master Class with Anasha Milton

Thursday, 06/20/2024 | 06:00PM-07:30PM

Anasha Milton Elliot
Heels is a style of dance that is performed while wearing high-heeled shoes*, typically stilettos. This dance style often features sharp, precise movements with a focus on footwork and body control. Heels dance can be performed to a variety of music genres with the most popular being pop, hip-hop, and R&B. On June 20th, expand your skillset with Anasha, an artist you would not normally get to work with in Fort Wayne! If you'd also like to take classes with Logan Bloir (July 19th at 6:15 pm) and Teresa Piper (August 30th at 6:15 pm), purchase our Heels mini-series bundle for $30. *Heels are not required to take this class. Socks, jazz shoes, tennis shoes, or any other footwear options that you can comfortably move in are acceptable.

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06/20/2024, 6:00 PM

Pack - Heels Summer Mini-Series Bundle

3 classes, expires 06/21/2024