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Theatrical Fusion Bootcamp: Mastering Musical Performance (Teens & Adults)

Wednesday, 08/14/2024 | 07:30PM-08:30PM

Various Teachers Elliot
This bootcamp is a collaboration between Heartland Sings and FWDC that offers dynamic classes designed to cultivate the skills necessary for success in musical theater. Students will dive into training in dance and singing, honing their abilities to become versatile performers. Through hands-on instruction, participants will learn how to seamlessly integrate singing and dancing while embodying characters on stage. Classes are twice a week and include 30 minutes of vocal work and 30 minutes of dancing per hour class. The program will end with both a mock audition and an opportunity to perform at Taste of the Arts.

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All Levels Mon, Wed 07:30 PM until 08:30 PM
14 classes, 07/01/2024 - 08/14/2024