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Tuesday Harrison Prizewinner/Prelim Class

Tuesday, 10/09/2018 | 05:00PM-06:30PM

No instructor assigned Harrison, NY- Dance Center 46 Purdy St.
This class level is for children who have successfully completed our Novice class level. Dancers who do not attend summer camp will most likely struggle in the PW 1 level if they do not get some “extra help” over the summer (see # 3). It is not abnormal for some kids to find the need to repeat the Novice level again before advancing to PW 1. Dancers moving into PW 1 are required to be fluent in: 4 light jigs, 4 reel steps, 2 slip jig steps, 2 treble jig steps danced to the fast music, 2 hornpipe steps danced to the fast music, and the traditional set St. Patricks Day. Children will have learned a lot in their Novice year so it is important that they are up to speed when entering PW1 level in September! Going into Prizewinner 2 dancers are required to know, in addition to the requirements for PW1, the 3 prelim reel steps, and 3 slow treble jig steps.Pre-Prelim Class Level – The preprelim level is for children who have completed the Prizewinner 2 class level and have not yet moved into the preliminary level when competing in feisanna. The preprelim level is both a prep class for children who are aspiring to move into the preliminary level in competition, in addition to being the class level for children who have completed PW 2 and who don’t compete. For non-competitive dancers, they will remain in the Pre-Prelim class level going forward in future years as the Prelim level is strictly for competitive dancers. The prelim level is for competitive dancers who have achieved the prelim level when competing in feisanna. These classes are broken down loosely by age but are age flexible based on children’s schedule’s.

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Prizewinner 1 Prizewinner 2 Pre-Prelim Young Prelim (up to U12's) Tue 5:00 PM until 6:30 PM
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