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Bollywood Fusion Performing Team Juniors

Saturday, 02/16/2019 | 11:00AM-12:00PM

Mahesh Mahbubani Naach Dance Studio
Performance policies 1. Attendance a. Members of the core performance team are required to attend all classes as per the schedule given specific to the dances they are cast in, most of which will be scheduled on the weekends so as to not interfere with their school on weekdays, except 2 weeks prior to the performance we may schedule rehearsals on Fridays post school. The Purpose of being part of the performance team is to be responsible for yourself and be committed to fulfilling your role in the team b. Performers are required to be present for all technical run-throughs for formations and spacing on weekends a month prior to major performance date. (Schedules will be provided in advance) c. Attendance is MANDATORY at the technical rehearsal for big Productions for Spring Showcase: Miller outdoor Theatre Fall Show case: Dil se Naach 2. Casting a. All parts that will be allocated by Naach based on performer’s skill level, attendance, personal motivation and commitment. 3. Performance Team Tuition Fee a. Performance tuition is $205 per term All fees are to be paid prior to attending class and Additional $25 for costume maintenance only during performance term( spring term II and Fall term II) Late Fee: if fees are not paid on the first class of term commencement a $10 late fee will be charged. The student requires to pay tuition with the late fee by second class or admission will be not be granted to the course b. Costumes & Funding: Parents and Naach Team will jointly be responsible to raise funds for Costumes for the performers, through participation in getting sponsors for the shows. 4. Benefits from Naach for Participating Performers a. To be a part of a professional Bollywood dance theatre production Team with opportunities of performing at Miller Outdoor Theatre for a multicultural audience of over 7000 people b. Professional coaching in different dance styles by master trainer Mahesh Mahbubani. c. All performers will be featured on the Naach Houston website and marketing material for the show. **Disclaimer: Photos and videos will be used by Naach for promotion purposes. Performer Responsibilities 1. Attendance of rehearsals and mandatory run-throughs is extremely important to achieve the professional performance standards of a Naach Houston production. Failure to do so will affect the performer’s role in the production. 2. All performers are required to wear a Naach t-shirt for photo shoots and technical run-throughs at the venue of the show. 3. Performers are required to view updated choreography videos in their specific Facebook group before attending every consecutive class. 4. The performer will be excused attendance based on the following conditions: a. Sickness or injury (supported by medical certificate). As part of performance team when you miss 2 consecutive classes its your responsibility to learn the missed choreography from a colleague and posted video, after which we will help you in class 5. All communication to be notified via email to 6. Withdrawal from performance due to unforeseen circumstances must be communicated 1 month prior in writing via email to There will be NO REFUNDS 8. Confidentiality: Performers are not allowed to divulge the details of the storyline, choreography and any other relevant impression or narration of the same to any third party. Choreography and artistic direction of all Naach Performances are intellectual properties of Naach Houston and shall NOT be duplicated in total or part thereof without prior written permission from Naach. Naach Houston reserves the right to alter and/or terminate the role assigned to the performer based on the following: The performer is unable to fulfill professional requirements for the role assigned based on the above policies.

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