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Bollywood Fusion For Teens

Saturday, 02/16/2019 | 12:15PM-01:15PM

Mahesh Mahbubani Naach Dance Studio
Prerequisites: None - Open to all new and continuing basic students. The Elementary class introduces the student to basic dance movement and facial expressions , an integral part of Bollywood fusion dance style, rooted in the genre of musical theatre. We focus on developing the following skills in the body such as good posture, alignment, strength, flexibility and coordination. Gaining self-confidence is an important aspect and goal of this level. At this level we introduce the students to develop observing, listening and learning skills through dance choreography, that uses principles of rhythm and space . Promotions to higher level classes are based on instructor approval.

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Intermediate Sat 12:15 PM until 01:15 PM
9 classes, 01/12/2019 - 03/09/2019