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Pilates Reformer (New Beginner)

Tuesday, 06/18/2019 | 06:00PM-07:00PM

Jasmine Baltimore Pilates Studio
Pilates Reformer- Pilates is an extraordinary system of exercises that can be done on a mat or on specially designed machines. New Beginner Reformer Pilates uses gliding spring-loaded machines to achieve overall body tone, balance, awareness and strength. New Beginner Pilates classes start slow, using thoughtful movement and breathing to teach better body awareness improving posture and stability. Exercises on the reformer can be given to challenge the professional dancer or athlete or modified for the beginner or person with a physical difficulty. Private reformer classes are tailored specifically to the body of the individual. Class sizes range from private to four in a group.

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06/18/2019, 6:00 PM

Pack - Intro packet for Pilates Reformer Beginner

4 classes, expires 7 days from purchase

Pack - Pilates 5-Class Pass

5 classes, expires 60 days from purchase

Pack - Ultimate Pilates/Cardio Pass

40 classes, expires 30 days from purchase

Pack - Pilates 10-Class Pass

10 classes, expires 3 months from purchase